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Kai's Power Tools is a plug-in for Photoshop. What is a plug-in/filter ? A filter in Photoshop is Blurring an image, solarizing it, spherizing, all those in the filters column. KPT is an add on to all those. It includes Texture Explorer, Gradient Designer, Page Curl, Vortex Tiling, many others which can do marvelous effects to the image. I didn't know I could do a lot of things professionals did until I found a program that many were using.

With Texture Explorer you can find and make your own texture. Vortex Tiling allows the image to take a swirl and life of its own. Planar Tiling takes your image, repeat it and places it in a distance. You can even rotate your images to where you like it best. KPT interform lets you take different presets and blend them together for a whole new affect. The Gradient Designer allows you to make your own gradient designs by changing the color, the number of loops, the mode, opacity, and more. I think the best feature in KPT would be their spheroid designer. In the spheroid designer you can design your own spheres, what color it will have, what design on it, or use one of the presets.



 Example of Vortex Tiling:  Example of what the Spheroid Designer can do:


 Example of what can be done in Gradient Designer:


This filters program is a lot of fun and many uses come out of it. I recommend it to anyone that loves to make computer images. I hope this information is useful. Images I did in KPT can be found my pressing here.



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