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Bryce 2 is a program which makes 3D landscapes but you can import other 3D objects from other programs to make different images. It lets you create unimagined worlds where the water is clean & pure, rocks are the smoothest you have ever seen, mountains are surrounded by sky & fog of different colors.

The interface is set with objects and when you click on them you can get the objects to where you are working and edit them to make them on the angle you like best. Each object has their own shadow and you get to pick the angle the light will be shining from. Rendering is how you get from the wireframe (just outlines) to how it really looks with color and texture. Rendering takes a very long time ranging from a few minutes to half an hour depending how complex the image is because it has to keep ironing out all the rough spots bit by bit but in the end the picture comes out beautifully.

This program lets me make fantastic pictures and as I learn more about it I will keep updating this page.



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