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MetaTools Kai's Power Goo is a creative program that lets you have FUN. You can create distortions of your friends faces like making the eyes bigger, stretching the face to its limits, twisting, spiking, etc. You can fuse images together a lot easier than layering it in photoshop. Dogs ears, friend's face this program lets you amuse yourself and your friends. There is a Goo room whose primary function is to make distortions. A Fusion room to blend images. The In/Out room lets you save your work, get images from a file or print what you have done. Goo is lots of fun. I used it for covers of my projects and amusing my family with distorted portraits.

Goo also lets you make animations so you can see your distortion through its processes or have fun just making Goovies.


 Examples of Kai's Power Goo:    




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