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Adobe PageMill is a software that lets you build webpages for the WWW. In this program, you don't even have to know HTML (hypertext markup language) codes. My website was built by PageMill. It was simple to learn with their drag and drop concept all I had to do was basically that. You can make links, put images, sounds, animations, like any other HTML program except this is easier.

Some cons about this program is images that take up a lot of memory, when you open your page up on your computer, the images doesn't show giving you the error message " Memory is running low " and a " ? " where the picture was suppose to be. Also it can't upload your webpage. That is when you have finished making your page but have to actually get it up on the WWW where everyone can access it.

Some pros is that you can edit the HTML code so if you know some HTML for example putting a counter you can add that in. PageMill also comes with a tutorial that lets you go through basic steps like making links.

I found it easy to make my webpage using PageMill and I recommend it to all new comers that want to make a webpage but don't know how or are to lazy to learn the whole HTML language (like me :). Hey, I did get my webpage up, what do you think ?



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