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Adobe ImageStyler is a new product from Adobe. What it does is allow you to make graphics for your web site. These graphics include buttons, icons, banners, bars, backgrounds, and many more. They have different shapes that you can use for your buttons like the example shown below:

Then with these shapes you can put a texture, experiment with different colors, place 3D effects, or distort the shape. This is shown below:

 1st shape: Bevel style
 2nd shape: Bevel style
 3rd shape: Cutout
 4th shape: Silver metal
 5th shape: Red Plastic
 6th shape: Punch Out outline
 7th shape: Interior Glow
 8th shape: Inverted Texture

Example of a button set:

Adobe ImageStyler even allows you to place JAVA scripts on your image like a roll-over. I just got this program so I'm still experimenting with different aspects of it. I still can't get the JAVA to work as you can see on my site, there is not JAVA but when I do figure it out I will put some in.

This program is pretty straightforward and easy to use. If you want a program that makes simple web graphics for your site, this program can do it. It is not that expensive and can jazz up your website pretty nicely. You can see more examples on my icons page. These icons are free for you to use.



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